Welcome to my website

I want to explain and share with you some of my passion for the natural medicine I practice. When I first heard of the concept of Wholism I was immediately impressed by its rightness. The idea that true health is the harmonious balance between the mental, physical and spiritual aspects of a person’s life seemed to me to be a beautiful and complete way to look at the challenges we face in our health, with our emotions and with our personal growth as we make our way through life.

As a Naturopath I apply wholistic principles to every consultation. I have found a child’s tummy pains won’t go away for long if I don’t take in to consideration their worries and fears. Or that a young women with terrible period pain won’t improve if she continues to eat a bad, high fat diet. The idea of looking at the symptoms and then searching through all the aspects of a person’s life for what is really the cause of the trouble is one that ensures the greatest amount of positive progress will be gained by the patient.

To have the privilege of being a facilitator of health, personal growth and wellbeing is enormously rewarding. It is my passion to share the pathway to health with you.