Below is a list of common questioned asked. If you have any further questions please call.

What kinds of things do I treat?

I am a general Naturopath so I treat children, women and men.

All the usual childhood stages such as teething, food allergies, respiratory problems, fears, sleeping problems, bed wetting respond well to both Naturopathy and Homeopathy.

I am particularly interested in treating reproductive system problems such as endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, fertility as well as general problems such as digestive disorders, sinus, allergies, diet related issues. In fact most of the chronic health issues that are not life threatening but diminish our capacity to enjoy life to the fullest respond very well to Natural Medicine.

All general health matters. I have a particular interest in male infertility and find that with dietary modification, some vitamin supplements and a few lifestyle changes the situation can be improved in many cases.

What is a Naturopath?

The title Naturopath is an umbrella term to describe a practitioner who has a number of therapies they are trained to use. These are usually Nutrition, Herbal Medicine and Homeopathy. Most Naturopaths also do Iridology, have some counseling training and may use some form of bodywork such as massage.

Difference between a Naturopath and a Homeopath

A Naturopath is usually a Homeopath but a Homeopath is not necessarily a Naturopath.Homeopathy is a stand alone modality of Natural Medicine and many practitioner’s choose to practice this as a sole modality.

Homeopathy is a system of medicine in which the major concept is that ‘like cures like’. This means that a tiny, unmeasurably small amount of a substance that in a large amount would cause a set of symptoms, will cure it.

The benefit of Homeopathy is that it works extremely quickly, just a few simple drops under the tongue, or a few tiny pillules, sometimes just one dose, never very many, which makes it very easy to take.

What is Iridolgy?

Iridology is a diagnostic tool used by Naturopaths. The idea is that all the organs and systems of the body reflex to the eye and by looking at the colours and markings on the iris the Iridologist can assess the function of the various body systems. For further information read Iridology in Articles.