How to Change

How often do we hear people telling us to “deal with our issues”, “get over it” “move on”.  Quite a lot!Most of us would love to resolve all of our internal hurts and angers and be free of our emotional burdens but just don’t know how to do it.

Counselling or consulting a psychologist is one way to sort out your emotions but there is another way, a very simple and effective way using flower essences.

There are a number of different Flower Essences such as Australian Bush Flower essences and American essences but the ones I like to use are the Bach Flower Remedies. Most people have heard of Rescue Remedy which is a combination of five different remedies and is used for shock, confusion, irritation, etc. These remedies were first discovered by Dr. Edward Bach, a medical doctor who qualified in 1912. He was disatisfied with the practice of medicine and worked on intestinal bacteria where he made a name for himself. He still had great hopes of discovering a simple system of medicine that could be used to good effect by everyone.

He became aware that it didn’t matter what the name of the disease was, each individual has their own way of reacting to whatever may be wrong with them. For example people who are sick have reactions that can be categorized in to quite a small number of reactions. One is being angry that you are sick, another is feeling sad and sorry for yourself and wanting to be looked after, another is to just ignore being sick and soldiering on, and yet another is to just want to be left alone.

Dr Bach decided he would find remedies for emotional reactions to ill health rather than treating the physical problem itself, believing that when the emotions were healed the body would follow. He had a thought that a drop of dew on a plant would hold some of the plants properties, and acting on this somewhat unusual idea set about developing his first nineteen remedies. He had a highly sensitive nature and by holding the plant in his hand or placing it on his tongue he would experience the negative emotions the plant would heal.

As you can imagine the medical profession didn’t exactly take to his ideas and he then began to teach his system to members of the public as a simple way any person could help alleviate the suffering of fellow men and women. When we are troubled by emotional issues we experience a number of negative emotions such as anger, fear, being judgmental, confused, indecisive. By taking the remedies that align to your emotional state you bring about relief from troubling and negative ways of thinking. And let me tell you they really work!

Most health food shops sell Bach Flower remedies and most Naturopaths will make you up a bottle. It is usual to pick five of the strongest negative feelings you have and the remedies are then combined in to the one bottle. These gentle safe remedies are a wonderfully effective way of freeing yourself from old patterns that no longer serve you well.

Taking the remedies is a very simple matter of just putting four drops under your tongue four times daily. Now let us have a look at the remedies themselves to see what exactly they do.


Agrimony: keeping all of your feelings bottled up inside you.

Aspen anxiety: and feelings of dread or apprehension.

Beech: being critical and faultfinding and harshly judgmental.

Centaury: peacemakers who are afraid to speak up for themselves.

Cerato: person who continually asks other people for advice, always talking about personal problems, but never takes the advice. Everyone has at least one friend like this.

Cherry Plum: feeling that one is about to crack and do something dreadful. This is very good for exhausted mothers who fear they will crack and beat their child.

Chestnut Bud: never learning by your mistakes, and doing the same thing over and over again. This is good for the woman who is constantly being let down by picking unsuitable partners.

Chicory: feeling sorry for yourself and for using emotional blackmail.

Clematis: feeling dreamy and unable to concentrate. This is very good to give children who get in to trouble for not concentrating at school.

Crab Apple: feeling dirty or contaminated. This is good for people who have nasty skin conditions or those who have suffered sexual assault.

Elm: feeling that life’s burden is too great, that you are overwhelmed by having too much to do. Just about everyone needs this remedy at some stage of the year, use when the pressure feels unbearable.

Gentian: doubtfulness, for the expectation that everything will turn out bad. This is good for people who have suffered rejection and are now unsure of themselves.

Gorse: believing there is no hope at all and that they have been doomed to a lifetime of suffering. Give this to those who believe they have been born under a bad star or that they are cursed in some way.

Heather: those who are very concerned with themselves and find themselves a fascinating subject. Give this to those who talk incessantly about themselves or to those who talk to fill up silences and who drain the energy of others.

Holly: anger, jealousy, envy and hate. This is wonderful for those who are consumed by anger and can’t work their way through it.

Honeysuckle: homesickness and living in the past in a time when things were happy. Give this to those who dwell on lost loves and to old people who live in the past in the good old days. Use also for homesickness.

Hornbeam: temporary feelings of being unable to cope. Use when faced with a huge task or workload, studying for exams.

Impatiens: intense feelings of irritation and being extremely irritable. This is very good for PMT.

Larch: feeling inferior, a lack of confidence. This is good for children who are being bullied and for anyone whose confidence is down or suffers poor self esteem.

Mimulus: fear of specific things such as fear of flying, or fear of spiders. Give it to anyone who has a specific fear.

Mustard: black depression, the sort that comes upon one for no particular reason. This is good for the depression of PMT or any sort of black depression.

Oak: those who always do their duty. This is for hard workers who have lost their strength due to illness.

Olive: exhaustion. Use after illness or overwork.

Pine: plagued by guilt. Use for those who apologise all the time, who begin conversations with “Sorry”. For any strong guilt feelings.

Red Chestnut: called the mothers remedy. This is for overconcern for others. Those who need this worry excessively about their loved ones. Use for those who believe you have been killed in a car accident when you are 5 minutes late.

Rock Rose: for panic. Use for those who fly in to a panic about trifles, and for panic attacks.

Rock Water: rigid and inflexible ideas. Those who have strong and unchanging beliefs. This is wonderful for those who are held back by stong negative beliefs.

Scleranthus: those who cannot make up their minds, procrastinate and dither. This is good to help make a difficult decision or for those who habitually procrastinate.

Star of Bethlehem: shock or trauma, recent or old. Give to those whose life has not been the same since a traumatic event or a death of a loved one.

Sweet Chestnut: despair and emotional agony. Use when plunged in to despair by a sudden horrific incident.

Vervain: perfectionists, this is good for people who have such high standards of themselves and others that they are constantly let down.

Vine: those who wish to control others. Use on the control freaks in your life and watch them change.

Walnut: dealing with states of change such as puberty, menopause, moving houses or countries, separations and divorces. Use for anyone undergoing big life changes.

Water Violet: aloof and uncommunicative and wish to be left to their own devices. This is good for those whose partners won’t talk to them.

White Chestnut mental arguments with themselves, who worry incessantly, who over analyze things. This is very good for anyone having trouble sleeping because of the inability to switch off their mind.

Wild Oat: cannot make a choice or decision when there is too much to choose from. This is good for those who are unable to move forward. This allows the person to focus.

Wild Rose: feelings of apathy and resignation, when someone is beyond depression, just can’t care anymore. This is good for those who don’t want to do anything, go anywhere and who have no energy and are past caring.

Willow: resentment and holding grudges. Use this for those who have held on to every slight and insult and who still feel angry about them.


Most health food shops sell Bach Flower remedies and most Naturopaths will make you up a bottle. It is usual to pick five of the strongest negative feelings you have and the remedies are then combined in to the one bottle. These gentle safe remedies are a wonderfully effective way of freeing yourself from old patterns that no longer serve you well.